Sep 30, 2011


"What is my career i am asked ?
I can only answer each day
what it is that i do
To find the thread that weaves within
there perhaps lies a clue..

As i walk down the road, who might come my way -
Person, plant or animal; many gone astray.
Some in search of work or food, some in search of wealth,
All a mirror for us to see the search for love and health ...

I might ask - really there is no choice - how is it that i may serve,
The task at times seems so great, I search to have the nerve.
To offer time to those in need, to ask about their dream,
For I Support those hearts who seek the spirit of a team.

But how, when there are so many?
How to be with all the needs of the planet
seems to hold?
I can only listen for the dream as it 
will unfold.
To try to make a difference would surely
wear me down,
To seek the teachers and the course can
take one round and round ...

But ask, just ask, what i can do and the answer's 
always there -
Perhaps it is a way to pass by the road of great despair;
And the course it is discovered, as the river flows,
The rocks become but opportunities for some yes's
and some no's.

Money to those who hear the dream that is quite 
deep inside,
Patience and love to those who fear there's
something still to hide;
My hands might serve the wounded, my sound the hard to hear,
My smile those mourning members who only know
a tear -
Silence comes with those who think they know or try to save, or preach,
Open arms to find all the ways that each of us
may teach.

For the gift, the gift it is to listen, give where 
there is need -
What's asked for can be a guide - a flower
or a weed;
The job becomes so simple, the river flows along,
The wave we ride, the chance with life - to be a 
note within a song ..." - Gigi Coyle

Jun 12, 2011

The Dream, that came True

Its that time of the year again; when I am reminded and write about my annual sports achievements, reliving those challenging moments in my mind, and sharing the happiness of my success with my readers. Forming those thoughts after this gap of few months helps me set apart the fantacies and elated emotions from the facts :)

It was the morning of 16th January, 2011 when participants from all over the world ran for a cause, a belief, a goal... The Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 flagged its 11,000 Half-Marathon participants at 6:15 am IST and announced the start of the races for the day. We were to start from the holding area at Bandra Reclamation and reach Victoria Terminus which made it a total distance of 21.029 kms.

My heart pounded reverberantly as the countdown for the race began. Running over the artistically constructed Bandra-Worli Sea Link was thrilling and the beautiful sunrise added to its pleasure. 

There were water and sport drink pitstops where we could hydrate ourselves. Also, the emergency medical units by Asian Heart Institute, mobile toilets, and Relispray units added to the comfort of the runners. We were accompanied by media reporters, doctors and encouraging residents all throughout the route. Some excited and enthusiastic veteran runners kept motivating the newbies to keep enjoying the run as we kept time. 

The moist zone at 10 kms mark was refreshing. It kept us cool for the later part of the run;Chowpatty, Marine lines- when the sun was right on top of our heads. I was banking on the 3hr pacer lead by Venkat, which they had introduced this year to complete the race. He was the confidence pill for me as the race day approached, but I managed to complete it before him and his gang!

I was prepared for the Peddar Road stretch from the previous year's experience of the Gold's Gym Cycle Race... The uphill was the most challenging part of the race for me... It was timely that the Kenyan and the Ethiopian Marathon Runners passed by, because that really pumped up our energy seeing them sprint across the road. Residents at Worli Sea Face, Peddar Road offered lime juice, and glucose biscuits as they encouraged us runners to keep it up... 

The past 3-4 month's resistive practice on the sand had prepared me enough to cover the road stretch of 18 kms. The tempo, the group I was running with, the crowd and seeing my enthusiastic, fun, and loving family at Churchgate cheered me up to reach the finish line with full zeal and energy... Finally, I managed to complete the race in 2:58:29 net time, enabling myself for a AIMS recognized timing certificate.

It wouldn't have been possible without the support, and prayers, of my dearest family and friends, the educative seminar of Asian Heart Institute; where I learnt to recognize the needs of my body, and the confidence pill.

Mar 10, 2011

Exploring Mumbai

One of our dreams has been to explore Mumbai by the map. Travel to the unknown destinations, meet different people and get acquainted by their cultures that binds them close to their faiths. Its this faith that helps maintain the quintessential equilibrium.

Our need to have a bead curtain in our Entertainment room made us travel to Bhuleshwar in South mumbai; a place where ancient customs fight for space with modernity. This famous whole-seller's market, known for its temples, is visited by thousands throughout the day. The lanes are narrow and extremely crowded during the day where you will find a variety of interesting people doing odd professions.

A great way to reach Bhuleshwar is by train to MumbaiCentral station and then a bus 234 to the destination. The Bus passes through must-visit places like Sarvi -known for its Arabian Seekh near Nagpada police station, City Mall-Mumbai Central, MohammedAli Road, Paydoni. Old mumbai has a flavor of its own.

Its a place for the creative minds. A place where you can get the costliest and the cheapest options. A place where each shop owner has a smile on his face and is every ready to help you with your requirements even if it means directing you to the neighborhood shop. From Glass, Acrylic, Crystal to Plastic all kinds, shapes, sizes and colours are available in the beads market.

I believe we only experienced 1/3rd of Bhuleshwar that day. After sun set we moved on from this neo-gothic vicinity that had so much to offer, , not without pondering over the myriad shades that makes Mumbai a highly vibrant city.

As I conclude this thought and tick mark one of the many places I plan to visit and explore in Mumbai, I wonder about the people who travel to this place everyday for their businesses… What a life!

Feb 5, 2011


Inspiration from TED:Rebuilding America, one slide show at a time - Bill Strickland (2002) Mr Roch (his mentor) to Bill Strickland

”The world is a place worth living

I believe in you

I believe in your hopes and ur dreams,

I believe in your intelligence

And I believe in your enthusiasm


I am banking on you

and in all the decent people who still believe in something

And I dont think I am crazy, I think we can get home on this thing.


Make a friend in every town and you will never be alone.”

Feb 2, 2011


Those who never speak falsely can be secure and proud in the knowledge that they have done nothing to contribute to the confusion of the world, but have served as sources of illumination and clarification. They are totally free to be. Dont have to slink around in the shadows. Do not have to construct new lies to hide old ones. They need not waste effort covering tracks or maintain disguises. And ultimately find the energy for self-discipline which is far less than the energy required for secretiveness - Says M. Scott Peck in the "Road Less Travelled"..

Very impressive! A source to learn from.