Apr 26, 2010

Duct Tape

Happened to frame a few words on the Duct tape that we have been using throughout for repairs.... :) The solution -gum kind of started melting this summer and I thought of getting rid of it.. but somehow we kept using the roll untill yesterday I realised that it was almost over...

To just laugh our hearts out...This one is for the Duct Tape.. popularly known as as the Duck Tape..

Its farewell time for you my dear,
Bidding you good bye
With a tear in my eye...
You have served us well thoughout
Now ur siblings will do the working out...
Bits of you are all over my house -
For you were so special to my spouse;

We couldnt have done without you - there was no escape...
For you are rightly called the Duct Tape.

Jan 26, 2010

61st Replublic Day

How long has it been that you attended a Flag hoisting on one of the National days?
Not after school.....

Was enriched today when small kids of our building with support, encouragement of their mothers got together to hoist our Indian flag. Interestingly made to rest on the pulley (thread rolls); the flag hoisting marked the start of the
day for us.

Was followed by the National Anthem, snacks and a drawing spree where all participants were given gifts. They were informed about our President and Prime Minister.

The kids got me into putting my thoughts on paper. I held the blank drawing sheet in my hand after a long time and realized my mind was so restricted, I let the crayons do the wonders for the pencil gave me a scare. haha!

It was time well spent. Some pictures to speak for themselves...

Kids were pleased to receive postal colours.

Drawings by the kids.

Jan 25, 2010


I have been reading this book, its pretty impressive how the Author conveys through incidences his experience of Mumbai. I like his statements, analysis and judgements at the end of every chapter. Its getting me addicted to it more and more.

A few quotes from the starting chapter:
"The choice you make between hating and forgiving can become the story of your life" - Ch 2

"I am gay, I am jewish, I am a criminal. Bombay is the only city I have ever found that allows me to be all of them" - Ch2

"Civilisation after all is defined by what we forebid, more than what we permit" -Ch2

"When you judge the power that is in a person, you must judge their capacity as friend and as enemy" Ch2

Jan 20, 2010

Books I read

I have recently had this strong realisation about myself that I tend to start reading books on different subjects together and on the basis of my moods I continue to read them.. consequences are that I end up reading too many but never complete them for I get involved in one or the other concepts.

Currently m reading:
The spouse by Shobha De
You Can Win by Shiv khera
Management ideas in Action
Shantaram by Gregory Roberts

"Shantaram" has been a great inspiration. It has made me get aware of lifestyles in Mumbai which I was totally ignorant about it. Cannot be totally declared as a fiction. I think the author makes you live through his experiences.
"Spouse" has changed my perspective to things and relationships. There are a number of things I instantly agree with, things that I would want to take care of as my limitations.. Its a fruitfully involving self therapy...
"You can Win" strikes as the spark I need in my life.. It helps me think positively...

But as I said before.. have not completed either of them. Does this happen to all readers?