Nov 13, 2009


Article from "The Pulse" - Gold's Gym Magazine October 2009

Re-living the moment has its own merits, it not only feels good but I can also share some good moments, experiences with you all...
So, it was the 17th May 2009 morning, when cyclist from Gold's Gym headed for a race. We were 15 cyclist and 20+ supporting team members. We were to start from Gold's Gym Bandra and reach Hotel Trident at Nariman Point ( famous for the recent hijack attack) and returned back.

Driving Directions

The group.

There were 7 Pitstops on the way where cyclist could stop if they could not go any further and return when the group would return... Support team of 3 members each were standing at these pit-stops to provide water, energy drinks, bananas or any kind of aid required. we were accompanied and lead by cars and trainers on the bikes...

We started at 6am in the morning, cycling our way through, surprising the people on the road including the policemen who were taken aback by the "spardha (race)".. The road in the morning was clear and the atmosphere pleasant..
We were all very excited about making it to the destination. Most of us had gear bikes..The other girl in the group backed off at the bandra signal itself.. I had participated for the sheer fun of it and wanted to test how
far I could make it.. Didnt know I was in for some cool surprises...

The peddar road stretch..

The entire journey was great till we reached Peddar road which is an uphill. Everybody struggled to get through for it was steep. Having gears in the cycle helped us a lot.. some with great muscle strength found it better to go on higher gear (more strength- less pedalling) whereas going on a lower gear just helped me glide through (faster pedalling with very little effort). Thanks to the training I had got from Raphae the day before.

The one who came first.

Reached Trident where a team of trainers were waiting for us. They made us stretch, lie down on the rocks and watch the clear sky.. that was new, coz had never done something like that before.. it was meant to cool us down for the trip back.. we were actually ready after the 5 mins meditation trick. and headed back to our very own destination... going back seemed easier for the peddar road stretch was crossed at the beginning of the journey.

All of us reached back safe and sound... the person to arrive first completed the 42kms in 2:05:00.. while I reached in 2:15:00.

I never believed I could go that far, but making it back and in decent time made me feel great...

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did, writing about it..

Jul 7, 2009

When was the last time you played with foam. Remember those childhood days when you would lose your mind (LOL!) seeing water and foam.. I would..

Whenever I would go to the beach I would get that "Bubble blower".. We would go crazy trying to catch each bubble that would get created from that small instrument.. it was so amazing..

Just wanted to experience that once more.. was feeling like doing something crazy so we blocked out kitchen's washbasin.. filled in lots of detergent mixed water and started making bubles with a straw.. we the creative human beings found out ways to create castles, tunnels and caves through that foam.. I was trying to create two bubles in one.. ie wanted to create a series of bubbles but failed.. i guess will have to learn it from a child..

Ofcourse in the end just blew all the foam on each other and felt satisfied having done the job well LOL!

Sometimes even small things provide so much pleasure.. I guess its all in the mind.

Jul 5, 2009

Blessed with rains

What do you do when you get up in the morning and find that its raining outside? smile? Try reaching it from your window sill or call friends and get wet till it lasts?

Its raining as I write this note. M getting into the mood of describing it but at the same time m missing the fun I would have had getting wet :). The lush green leaves and the clean trees look beautiful. The smell of turpentine (m wondering where its coming from) is good. Getting into a mood of a long bike ride.

We have been enjoying rains since last week and tempers have gone down. People on the streets, strangers I meet look more happy to me. The blossoming trees, the chirping birds, the hen next door, the cats around seem to be enjoying the weather as much as we are...

This is not my first monsoon in Mumbai. M still enjoying it to the fullest. Garam chai, pakodas and the scenic view from my balcony.. this place feels like heaven. Mumbai being a coastal region it usually experiences heavy rains.. so more water clogs, more road blocks - traffic jams, water on the train tracks.. apart from all this in the end everybody just loves the drop of rain falling on them be it acidic or natural. :) Once in a while I think I wouldnt mind getting stuck ON MY WAY BACK HOME.:) M sure its very exciting, adventurous and tactful to make your way back taking care of the puddles, open gutters, sharing the same time with strangers around and I would have all the time in the world hearing them grumble about the govt 's management flaws.

Its a pleasant season and the one I like the most of the three we experience in India.
(Pic Courtesy : Reuters)

May 8, 2009


You must be thinking whats the big deal that she writes an article on her "day" in life...

Well, today of all the days was a good one.. many things happened, both new and bold... the most exciting of them all is that I have 7 guests at my place.. aaaah! Please dont frown at the thought of "guests"!!!! The ones at my place are different...they are living beings, from our world, seem busy like us; running- moving about in search for their dreams.... FISHES!

Wow! m actually excited to have them over... they are my teacher's pets and I have agreed to take care of them for the next coming month... All of a sudden my attention has diverted and is now focussed on those cute creatures that are living under my roof as my responsibility... which is a big thing coz never have I fed anybody (realistically speaking).. :)

An overwhelming feeling surrounds me.. and I am not going to be alone ever in that room... leaves me with a happy feeling... small things in life give pleasure so just thought I'd share with you all..


Apr 20, 2009


Hello Dear all,

The weather today is surprisingly pleasant. Have been experiencing lot of climatic changes in the past few months.. The summers have set in and its really very hot. Mumbai, being on the coast, has always been known to be pleasant but this year its different. Its vacation time here and everybody is in a laid back mood, kids enjoying their times off school and I am recollecting my times when i did the same... so took up  a project myself....

I have been learning to write calligraphy. A totally different prospective to writing. The positioning of the pen, curves and the output make it so artistic.Since I have been understanding and analysing handwriting, I realise Calligraphy brings out the creativity in a person and his moods determine the curvature and slope of the handwriting which plays a very important role in making the entire work look artistic and beautiful.

At the same time when most of my thoughts I convey come from the tic-tic of the keyboard, so is the case with most of us, I think Calligraphy will always just remain an art, hobby and never a script used frequently.Snail mails, and sounds of scritch- scratch pencil have almost disappeared from my world, I believe to keep this hobby of mine alive I need to consciously use it to my benefit.

I think same is the case for most of the languages. Which of the languages do you know of, have lost their value over the time.

Apr 10, 2009


What kind of music would you like to listen to?

As I listen to the strains of "mirchi song.." from the neighbourhood.. I wonder about this phenomenon of extremely irritating music by some composer / singer being played all over the place, from music channels to discos to the paan shops... I first heard it in Surat in a Friend's car.. Why did it ever have to start from there.... LOL!

Why is it that only the horrible songs catch on like this? I mean think about Altaaf Raaja.. there was a time where you could not get onto a bus or an auto-rickshaw without hearing "tum toh thehre Pardeseeeeeee..." Aaaaaarrrr gggghhhhh!!! Some more I can think of "Acha sila diya"......

So why do you think these songs catch on all of a sudden and disappear even more suddenly? Is their popularity due to the fact that they appeal to the great masses or is it the other way around?

Apr 3, 2009


Was watching " The Matrix Revolution" the other day, in the third part there is a scene enacted by Trinity and Neo where Trinity is about to die in the space ship and she remembers, recollects the first time Neo saved her life...

As she faces death, she realises that she has so many things to convey to so many loved ones and especially to Neo. She marks the importance of the moment by mentioning that her last wish was to say sorry to him but instead she confesses her love. It was then that she takes her last breadth and dies.

It touched my heart in many ways, made me think of what i would be wishing for; at that crucial moment when the stark reality of this world will grip me through. Where there will be no space for lies, negativity or corruption and all one will wish for is good.

Some of the things that I have decided to do is to speak up my feelings, concerns and gratitude to those who owe it, deserve it and not be held back by ego, wrong beliefs and sometimes even etiquette. Normally as a child we learn to express, are taught good manners and informed about the world...many inhibitions take over and we lose the real essence of life. in this moment of truth, I have taken this resolution to do, share and live life to the fullest. ( truly speaking i have yet to find out the extent of "living life to the fullest")

Feb 3, 2009

Books over movies

" I have been arrested, for winning a quiz show. They came for me late last night, when even the stray dogs had gone off to sleep. They broke open my door, handcuffed me, and marched me off to the waiting jeep with a flashing red light....
Arrests in dharavi are as common as pickpockets where not a day goes by without some hapless resident being taken away to the police station....Even if I had succeeded in waking some of the residents, they would not have raised a finger to defend me.... There would be same queue for water in the morning, the same daily struggle to make it to the seven-thirty local in time"......

Vikas Swarup starts his novel "SlumDog Millionnaire" by the  above.I never intended to watch the movie. Came across this book and the writers knack pulled me towards it. 

I have always loved books over movies because of the sheer fact that when movies are made based on books, the director takes creative liberties and they don't end up being as interesting as the books. If one has a good imagination then the writers expressions help one form a different picture and not just restrict it to the director's projection on screen.

All Harry Potter readers - Dont you agree? Were'nt the spells, the Quidittch and the entire imagination of the fictitious characters more fun while reading the books? Aaah! u know now what i mean. :)

Jan 29, 2009

Skill with People

I learnt that dealing with people requires understanding them and their nature. - when you know why people do the things they do- when and how they react under conditions; it becomes easy to deal and be better managers at communication.

It involves recognising people for what they are, not what you think they are nor what you want them to be.

Its a realisation that has touched, affected me bigtime. It completely changed the way I perceived things, people and situations and more importantly my stand on the same.

How do you Communicate?

Jan 23, 2009

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

A video on Bhopal gas tragedy, " A night in Bhopal" was released in 2004 describing how it all happened and what were the flaws that caused the lives of more than 10000 people and left behind many who still suffer from side effects, forwarding them to their future generations. It could have been avoided like the many other incidences but thats learnt only after it has been experienced.

It was USA and Union Carbide who showed hopes in the eyes of the many needy who felt the only thing important for them was food, clothing and shelter. They were made to believe that this company was going to change their lives and provide them with employment, better standards and eradicate their ever existing problem of agriculture and irrigation. They indeed changed the lives of many in a manner which was'nt expected at all.

Precautions were maintained, working standard were defined but poorly adopted. Thats a believable picture of things in India even if its dealing with the most dangerous chemical which creates havoc when mixed with water or when heated. People living around were not even made aware of the dangers this factory brought along. It was tragic to see the people die of ignorance more than suffocation, the burning MIC gas caused.

After looking at this video, I think it was'nt just carelessness that caused this incident. It was the dream, the hope, the international banner, the sufferings, the poverty, the perspective to grow big, fast through this along with the inherited habit of cutting cost to earn more.

M not providing any links or pictures of this incident coz the internet is filled with those.

It makes me mention all those firms that adopt ISO standards and other certifications to have smooth functioning of the system but fail to keep the ball rolling because it involves too much overhead cost. All units may not be as fatal as this one but there sure is a lot to loose if not dealt properly... be it money or goodwill to start with..

If only the means would determine the end as well....

Jan 20, 2009

Science I was exposed to

On the 14th of Jan we visited the Nehru science Centre. 
Its a place to be at for all the science lovers, and those like me who like it when exposed to experimentation. The science centre has projects displayed where one can actually try out and experience for themselves what the cause and effect is...

Came to know a lot about gravity, centrifugal force, the vortex, the light and sounds section was enlightening (pun intended). I wonder what we would have done without air and atmosphere.. There was a 3D show that taught us the value of nature, recycled materials, preserving environment, etc. 

The biggest deal for the day was the science Odessey show. They were showing Africa - The serengeti. Its a documentary movie on nature as seen on the serengeti plain. Its a
 huge area of grassland in Tanzania. At the time of drought the animals travel north
 in order to survive.. and in its true meaning its the test of survival. The "Great Migration" in which million of wildbeasts, zebras travel hundred of miles across as the lions and other dangers like crocodiles await them along the way. The narrator describes the scene saying " the hunter kills to eat and to feed its own. There never is anything more to it. There is nothing that is ever wasted". The experience of watching this crazy hunt in the dome theatre was a memory that will last with me for a long time to come.

Looking forward to visit the NSC again for more information, new shows and better experiences and memberships.

Jan 12, 2009

Trip down the memory Lane

Pune trip.. Woah! we started on 10th morning. reached there safe and sound. Got the room that we always book - the fourth floor room which over looks the FC road down till the end, the hills and greenary across.. thats one of the locations we can always be found in - yes the room at Sheetal hotel. Its just awesome.. can just spend the day there.. three sided huge windows and wonderful lighting.. anyways.. coming off from it.. got the mere necessary things done that Aziza wanted.. ate and made merry.. it was a full moon so enjoyed the rays and had "chandani talks" as we called it.

Got up 6 in the morning.. got ready, packed and 
left for race cource and the uncertainties that lay ahead. 
The race course, though we have it in mumbai too was one of the places I have never gone before to.. huge ground with enthusiast on the horses, riding on the court with so much zeal. They were practicing and keeping the horses in shape.. the condition
 of both the animals and the riders look good.
 I am guessing they make a good living off it. would love to watch a game once in the midst of all the gambling, bets and people with high status and the aura that they carry along with them.

Then we further went around places that we had memories attached to..Sajid maamu lived there for a few years and Raphae, Yasir were born there so there was a lot to see and refresh memories from.. the by lanes, the houses, the people, the habits, the war, the shruwbery biscuits, the budhani's wafers and the shopping at M.G Road.

   Went to the gardens, visited the fountain which was the most relaxing thing in the evening coz by then we had a long day driving and walking around the streets and visiting places.. the sound of the water, the fresh leaves, the ducks and the entire sight of being amidst the greenery was very refreshing... I was kind of charged again.. ehehe!

The experience at the parvati parbat was kind of a big realization of how much stamina i had lost and how much i need to gain back... 108 steep steps to a beautiful temple and being the highest peak led us to see the hole curvature of city and beyond. Beautiful and terrifying both LOL!

All was great.. at 8:30 accelerated to leave pune for mumbai... with Farah having driven the entire day... she was looking forward to an autopilot drive to mumbai.... with speed limits to catch up on, the ghats to glide through and the breaks to depend on. :) as we started approaching the expressway out of pune, the ride got smoother and people started feeling the comfort of the AC. I had to shift my support from talks to the wonderful, songs on my phone. Raphae being next to me gave all directions and a few guidelines to take into consideration on the ghats.... no breaking was something that i felt was unusual on the ghats but when i approached them I understood what exactly he meant..

Driving the entire way in the center lane was smooth, maintained an average of 80kms / hr to reach back to mumbai within 2 1/2 hrs. The experience at the ghats was different than the normal drive though the express way and the tunnels have cut down the steep slope and low gear concepts. The lonavla ghats were a little tricky with having to experience slope with curves and overtaking on both the sides :). All was an experience to remember and first time night drive certificate to carry ahead for more of such travel in the near future..

Hats off to the HCC team for having built the highways taking into consideration the speed limits, the turns and the night vision problems that drivers face while driving... Its a road that I recommend for vacation and long drives on a full moon..

Thats it from me.. writing with a heart filled with excitement and fun... getting back to the concrete world and its worries is undesirable but required.. I would love to stay and create a life in pune.
"Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them."

Jan 8, 2009


Hello Dear Readers,

I just started blogging with a hope that it will provide me with the opportunity to connect to all those who think alike and also those who like to consider different perspectives.

Life is what we make of it so lets not just enjoy and make merry but responsibly live it to make it a better place to live in ; leave back a legacy of a Green Lifestyle that not only provides us with the best of technology but is environmentally friendly too.

Join me in my journey to live a healthy, wealthy and life full of wisdom :) there are a lot of things we don't know that we don't know about... Think about it!